Help for Students

The Student Conflict Resolution Center is available to assist you in resolving campus-based problems or concerns.

If we are not the office to help you, we will do everything we can to find the correct office, so you don't have to spend multiple hours searching for it.

Can you help me?

If you are a student, we will work to assist you. We work with all students, from first-year to post-doctorate.

What areas of concern can you help me with?

We can help you with ANY campus-based problem or concern. The typical areas we see are:

  • Grading and instructional complaints
  • Financial and billing conflicts
  • Academic appeals
  • Academic progress issues
  • Other campus-based problems or concerns.

What happens when I call you?

Your conversation with us will start with a confidential conversation about the issue. We'll want to know what has happened, what you have done so far, and what you want to have happen.

We will brain-storm options for you, and we work with each student to develop a personalized plan on how we are going to proceed.

Will you do anything without my permission?

Except in extraordinary situations, we will never do anything without your permission. The options you have in resolving a conflict are yours.

What are some of the services you provide to help resolve the complaint?

We typically offer:

  • Coaching: We can share information with you to assist you in trying to resolve the problem independently.
  • Ombud intervention: The Ombuds can assist you in resolving the problem, which includes a broad spectrum of services, including appeal assistance, calling multiple departments, etc.
  • Informal mediation: We can bring the parties together to assist in resolving the complaint through an informal method.

When should I call for help?

The longer you wait and avoid working on resolving a situation, the more difficult it can be to reach a resolution. Problems are best dealt with in the semester in which they occur. You may face appeal deadlines that might make your window of opportunity to act even shorter. If you are in doubt, call. If it is something that can wait, we can assist you in making that decision.

Does it really help?

Over 90 percent of the students who use SCRC report being very satisfied or satisfied with the services.

Do you charge anything for your services?

All of the services of SCRC are free, paid for completely by your student services fee. We will never ask you for payment.

Are you really confidential?

Unless we learn about a threat to yourself or someone else, or we are ordered by a court, we will not break confidentiality.

But aren't you really just a part of the University?

While we are a university department, we have a Charter from the university that allows us to remain completely free from university interference when working to resolve your concern. Our Ombuds work impartially, neither representing your interests nor the university's; their interest is in helping the people involved find a resolution in a fair manner.

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